Fields of Activity & Topics

IGR brings together decision-makers from manufacturing and engineering in fields including mechanical & process engineering, materials engineering, electrical, instrumentation (E&I) engineering and process safety. At IGR, experts exchange ideas and experience, locate expert contact persons and develop practice-focused tools and guidelines.

Ill. Materials Engineering

Materials Engineering

  • Sealing systems & corrosion protection
  • Innovative materials & welding procedures
  • Quality management & supplier audits
Ill. Process Safety

Process Safety

  • Explosion protection & electrostatics
  • Prevention & investigation of damage & loss
  • Implementation of EU Directives
Ill. Mechanical & Process Engineering

Mechanical & Process Engineering

  • Energy efficiency
  • Manufacturing & operation
  • Implementation of EU Directives
Ill. E&I engineering

E&I Engineering

  • Field devices & automation
  • Electrical & test engineering
  • Operational reliability & warnings