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Cost Savings Example

Example – Cost savings based on IGR membership

Collaboration between IGR members reduces efforts and costs at the individual member companies, while the exchange of experience between the experts improves quality and efficiency.

Example: Total savings

According to statements by IGR member companies, use of IGR Guidelines, document templates and checklists has saved these companies six-figure sums by significantly facilitating tracking and implementation of the requirements set forth in regulatory acts and standards.

Example: Savings based on a single individual measure

Development of a Guideline for in-house preparation of explosion-protection documents

Terms of reference: According to EU requirements, explosion-protection documentation must be prepared for all installations involving explosion hazards. Preparation of this documentation is labour-intensive and costly.

IGR approach: IGR experts develop a method that offers a clear structure and is easy to apply, enabling its member companies to prepare explosion-protection documents in-house in the future.


  • Member companies no longer need to hire external consultants
  • Reduction in the work and costs involved in documentation

Savings per member:

  • One-time: EUR 10,000
  • Annually: EUR 2,000

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